In Person Analysis

With a Game Performance Analysis, a Bandits instructor will attend a goaltenders game and chart their performance. After the game, the instructor will sit down with the goaltender and discuss their performance. The goaltender will also receive a Self Evaluation form that they can fill out on their way home from the rink. Players evaluate their own performance by rating their overall play, as well as a goal by goal breakdown. The advantage of utilizing a Game Performance Analysis is the insightful direction a Bandits instructor receives from the analysis. The instructor uses the final analysis results and applies that information to the next couple of practices with the goalie/goalies.


A Bandits instructor will come to a specific game to analyze three periods of play. This will give the instructor, coaching staff and goalie a better understanding of what he or she is doing correctly in a game situation and also what the instructor and goalie need to be focusing more attention on during practice.

The Game Performance Evaluation will consist of:

– 3 periods of pad analysis (pro’s and con’s of game performance)

– recap evaluation with goalie after game – go over pad analysis

– goalie will receive a separate self evaluation form to take home review self evaluation form at next practice with instructor

– review notes and recap goalies performance with coaching staff

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